Occupational Therapy

A separate Occupational Therapy unit is functioning in Kalyan School, TVM for helping children suffering with cerebral palsy, Mental retardation, Autism, Attention Deficit disorder, Attention deficit hyper active disorder and other childhood disabilities.

Occupational Therapy unit provides Occupational service to the children studying in pre-primary and primary classes, secondary classes and pre-vocational classes in inclusive education set-up of kalyan group of schools. Child centered training is provided in view of play way method in disabled friendly environment for enhancing social and academic skills in children with special needs. 

Services of Occupational Therapy unit:

  • Initially determine the strength and deficits of children with special needs ongoing basis.
  • Planning the activity schedule to enhance the specific and general abilities of children with special needs.
  • Implementation of the schedule for increasing the functional and academic skills of children with special needs.
  • Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation is covered and recorded ongoing basis.

Equipment and Materials available:

  1. Play Materials               –     Colour Box
  2. Therapy balls in ball pool –     hand function tools
  3. Thread mill –      Sensory intergration therapy kits
  4. Trampoline –      toys
  5. Static Cycle –      peg – boards
  6. Physio ball –      walked
  7. Puzzle box –      multi stepped peg-boards
  8. Music instruments –      models of animals, birds etc..
  9. Swings –      sensory bells
  10. Wheel chairs –      cut-outs
  11. CP chairs –      Texture – mats

Changes and Benefits seen in children after O Therapy:

  1. Improving self-esteem.
  2. Progress in physical exercise.
  3. Get into routine of daily living skills.
  4. Increasing sensation and perception skills.
  5. Developing interaction and socialization skills.
  6. Enhancing specific and general abilities.
  7. Restore functional Abilities.
  8. Performing activities with help of fine and gross motor muscles.